Jones knows to listen to Calipari

Terrence Jones on his coach, John Calipari, "He's the coach. I know to listen."

The more John Calipari yells at Terrence Jones, the more the Kentucky freshman accepts it.

"If he yells, I know it is just because he is trying to make me better. He's the coach. I know to listen," said Jones after UK's 78-63 win over Louisville here Friday.

Jones had 12 points on 5-for-11 shooting, eight rebounds, five assists, three blocked shots and one steal in 33 minutes after being bench by Calipari early in the game for not aggressively wanting the ball inside against Louisville's collapsing defense.

"He was fine. I just want him to be better. I think he is a better player," Calipari said. "He didn't want to catch the ball on the block to start the game, so I took him out.

"He is the greatest kid. He won't get mad. He is just better than he is playing. He should have his hands near every rebound. Our job is to get him to do that."

Jones says in high school, he could overcome two or three defenders to score. In college, he's learning to pass the ball to open players like he did several times Friday to center Josh Harrellson, who had a career-high 23 points.

"You just have to realize what you should do and when you should do it," Jones said. "That's part of executing what we are supposed to do. If we all play hard and pass the ball, we can win a lot of games.

"Josh really played well and rebounded well. If teams want to keep double teaming me, that's fine. We have another big weapon to throw at them now."

Just don't think Calipari has any misconceptions about how important Jones is to this team.

"We need Terrence Jones to win. I kept taking him out. It's more improtant that he knows (what to do). You are not going to do what you are supposed to and guard, I will play these guys (is what I am telling him)," Calipari said. "He is such a gerat kid. There is never any back and forth (talk). Anybody sit close to our bench last year? We had some back and forth."

Jones had 27 points and 17 rebounds when UK beat Notre Dame in Louisville's Freedom Hall earlier in December.

"He went into that game to show he could not be guarded around the basket," Calipari said. "Today he wanted to do cute stuff and couldn't wait for everybody to see the rest of his game. He does not understand he does not need to do that."

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