Calipari wants Vargas to succeed

Prior to arriving at Kentucky Eloy Vargas had never had a coach get on to him the the way John Calipari has. Vargas understands that his coach is constantly on him because Calipari wants him to succeed.

Apparently Kentucky fans sense what John Calipari is trying to do, because they gave Eloy Vargas a standing ovation for hustling to grab an offensive rebound against Auburn.

"I felt great about it and I saw Coach jumping up and down when I got it. That is why he has been on me every single day. Any time I don't come out with the ball, he is on me," Vargas said.

The junior center said "nobody" has ever been on him like Calipari has.

"It takes a while to accept. When he be talking to me I am like, ‘Okay, Coach, I got you.' I try not to think about that and try to come out and do the right thing I know he wants," Vargas said. "He wants me to be good. It gets frustrating when I don't do good and he takes me out, but he's trying to change me and make me more aggressive. I've got to do more to be ready. I've got to be more aggressive, help more on defense."

Calipari liked what the crowd did — and has a few more suggestions for fans at Saturday's LSU game.

"That's our crowd trying to help coach this kid. That's our crowd knowing, Eloy, you got to get balls. When he got one, think about what you just said. He grabbed a ball, they gave him a standing ovation. He got a standing ovation for grabbing a ball because they know if he can do that, he can leave you in the game and we need you to stay in the game. Those were our 25,000 coaches that sit up in the stands behind me," Calipari said.

"I thought it was great. Kind of like DeAndre (Liggins). He dives on the floor, they give him a standing O (ovation). Terrence (Jones) gets a rebound above the rim. He makes a 3. Don't say anything. If he goes and rebounds and blocks, everybody goes nuts. Just let them know what everybody is trying to see. Our fans are smart. They know."

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