One-on-one with Darrian Miller

Kentucky Sports Report's Larry Vaught had the opportunity to sit down with Lexington's Darrian Miller prior to the National Guard Border Bowl. The Bryan Station offensive lineman, a firm Kentucky commitment, discusses the UK football program and the propensity for players to make commitments and later back off those commitments in favor of other schools.

I had a chance to talk to Bryan Station offensive lineman Darrian Miller Friday after practice for the National Guard Border Bowl. What an impressive young man. Would guess recruiting would be a lot easier if everyone had his attitude.

Question: Was there ever a time this season when you wavered on your commitment to Kentucky?

Miller: "I am solid. The way I was raised, when you say you are going to do something, you are supposed to do it. For me to commit to Kentucky and then de-commit just because they were not doing well goes against what I believe and would not be fair."

Question: But doesn't that make you a lot different from many athletes your age who do de-commit or change their loyalty?

Miller: "It might. People do have a tendency at times to go against their word, but I don't do that. And Kentucky was one of the first to offer me a chance to play college football. You don't forget that."

Question: What do you think of UK offensive line coach Mike Summers?

Miller: "I like him a lot. His personality is really good and the fact he knows what he is talking about is impressive. The way he can promise that he can help you develop and prepare so that you might be able to play on the biggest level is impressive, too."

Question: What kind of things does he envision for you?

Miller: "He envisions me starting and he wants to help me develop so I can play in the NFL. He says I will stay a left tackle, which is where I like to play."

Question: What is the biggest thing you must do between now and the time you report to Kentucky in June?

Miller: "Get stronger. I need to get a lot stronger to play at Kentucky."

Question: How would you describe yourself as a player?

Miller: "I am aggressive and I am fast. That's basically it. I think I am tough because you have to be to play in the offensive line, especially in the SEC."

Question: In today's football, do you have to be smart to play in the offensive line as well?

Miller: "You have to remember and be able to execute on a second's notice. Most people probably don't understand how hard that can be."

Question: What do you like about Kentucky this year when you watched and what might have worried you?

Miller: "Nothing really worried me and I liked everything I seen. I think we can still be a good offensive team next year, too."

Question: What makes you confident Joker Phillips will take the UK program to the place you want in the next four to five years?

Miller: "He is a player's coach. I have seen that. He likes to make sure that the players have everything they need and that they are developing at the pace they are supposed to. So it shouldn't be a problem for him to progress Kentucky in the next couple of years."

Question: What does playing in the Border Bowl mean to you?

Miller: "It is a really big deal. I like the players here and being with them. It's fun just to be playing and I appreciate the National Guard sponsorship."

Question: Do you like the idea of playing against Tennessee?

Miller: "I think the fact that it is between two states — and the best of two states — makes it a little bit more interesting. It would really be nice to win this game, too, and beat Tennessee."

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