Who's number seven?

Former Kentucky All American and Kentucky Sports Report contributor looks at the candidates to fill the void as the seventh man in John Calipari's regular rotation.

Will Jon Hood, Stacey Poole or Eloy Vargas be the player that Kentucky coach John Calipari can rely on for consistent help in March?

That's a tough question and it is frustrating. I have been to a few practices and Cal is looking for that little extra in practice.

Maybe Hood is the guy? He is a Kentucky kid and has been around and has watched Kentucky basketball. He grew up in this atmosphere and understands it more, but these guys have to know they must do more. It is not about scoring or doing the things everybody sees, it's more about doing the little things, the intangibles like diving on the floor for loose balls, getting rebounds, making stops. That guy who can emerge and do that is what UK needs.

I am not sure who will be the guy to emerge. I would like to see Poole get a chance really to play more. It has been a short leash for Poole, but I think he is a guy like DeAndre Liggins who can do some things defensively and hustle-wise to get him more minutes and help the team. If you don't do those things in practice then the coach is not going to give you an opportunity to do those type of things in a game.

I think the toughest thing for a young guy to understand is that you have to play defense and be a team player first to help a team most when you come off the bench. The first one of these guys that figures that out will help and Kentucky needs that.

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