Kamalsky likes Knight and Jones

Matt Kamalsky, of Draft Exxpress, spoke with Larry Vaught about the play of Kentucky's talented freshmen.

DraftExpress.com Matt Kamalsky has no trouble noting what he likes best about Kentucky's Brandon Knight and Terrence Jones.

"I like that Jones's ability to do a little bit of everything. If he becomes more polished from the perimeter, he could be a menace in the NBA. I also like that he doesn't turn the ball over despite his high usage and his willingness to crash the glass. A lot of special athletes try and do too much off the dribble or are complacent on the glass, especially when they are young," Kamalsky said.

"I've been extremely impressed with Knight's midrange game. He's amongst the best scorers in the country from 15 feet to the 3-point line. If he becomes more consistent from beyond the arc, and he's been doing that, he's going to be a nice offensive option on the NBA level."

Kamalsky jokes that both have the same major drawback — they are young.

"Honestly, I don't have too many reservations about Jones. If he doesn't improve his outside shooting ability or overall offensive game, he'll be a bit stuck between positions but he's going to be effective because of his motor and athleticism," Kamalsky said. "I guess the drawback of Jones as a NBA player is that he doesn't fit the mold of an elite first option offensively. I don't think anyone drafting him is going to burden him with that expectation though.

"Knight's biggest drawback is his lack of a position at this juncture. He's a great scorer, but isn't quite tall enough to match up with the elite shooting guards in the game, and he's not an efficient passer either, so his best role isn't as a lead guard. Like all elite AAU combo guards before him, he's reached that challenging point in his career where scouts want to see him define himself as a point guard or undersized shooting guard. Fortunately, he still has plenty of time to figure everything out, whether it he's learning on a NBA bench or back at Kentucky."

And Kamalsky has liked what he's seen of UK's other key freshman, guard Doron Lamb even though he doesn't envision him leaving Kentucky after this season.

"Doron Lamb has really impressed me. I expected it to take him some time to get acclimated to the college level. He's still not a dominant scorer, but he's shown that he can break a game wide-open with his shooting, which will look awesome next to (incoming freshman point guard) Marquis Teague next year," Kamalsky said.

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