Dawson heads down the homestretch

Boyle County standout Lamar Dawson told Kentucky Sports Report's Larry Vaught, "It's time to make a decision."

He's still enjoying the recruiting process, but Boyle County linebacker Lamar Dawson admits he's finally ready to "get it over with" and decide where he'll play his college football.

"I am going to wait until Monday, or maybe Sunday night, to try and make my decision," said Dawson. "It's time to make a decision."

He will be in Tennessee this weekend for his fifth — and final — official visit. After that, he has to decide whether he'll sign Wednesday with Tennessee, Oregon, Kentucky, Southern California or Central Florida.

Dawson said anyone reading too much into his final visit being to Tennessee would be wrong.

"It's just the way it worked out being my last visit. It doesn't mean anything about where Tennessee is with me," he said.

After all, he's had USC, Oregon, Central Florida, Kentucky and Tennessee coaches all in Danville this week to make one more recruiting pitch to him about why his four-star talents are best suited for their particular school.

"There is really no pressure, but the coaches do want to know what I am going to do before signing day so they can recruit other players," Dawson said.

Boyle coach Larry French says he has been a hectic week for Dawson. However, the coach doesn't think Central Florida ranks as a likely choice compared to the other four schools.

"Central Florida has not contacted us as coaches at all. We've had no contact with them like we did the other coaches. They just dealt directly with Lamar," French said. "I just don't see them in the picture. I don't see him playing in front of 20,000 fans when he can play in front of 70,000 to 100,000 every week."

French and his coaches plan to meet with Dawson to discuss "pros and cons" of each school left on his list before he announces his college choice at a 9 a.m. press conference Wednesday.

"He might go to be Tuesday night and not know what he'll do," French said. "Or he may already have his mind made up and he's just not saying."

Dawson insists his mind is not made up and won't be until he talks with his grandmother, Maggie Warren; mother, Wanda Andrews; and brother, DeShaun Dawson.

"I am going to sit down with my family and then my coaches and then I will make a decision," he said. "My family will support whatever I decide, and so will my coaches."

Dawson plans to call each coach that has recruited him before he makes his official announcement. "It's just business and they will understand I have to do what I think is right for me," he said.

His criteria — playing time, academics, relationship with coaches — to make his college choice has not changed since he became a high-profile recruit last summer.

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