Q&A with Brandon Knight

Larry Vaught went one-on-one with Kentucky freshman Brandon Knight following Tuesday's victory over Mississippi State.

A one-on-one interview with Kentucky guard Brandon Knight.

Question: Have you had any problems at all adjusting to the speed of the college game?

Knight: "At first a lot of people said the game in college would be a different speed, different amount of strength you would play against. I think over time you get adjusted to it and find a way to get through that. I think it takes an adjustment period. Everybody is quicker, stronger and guys are a lot more talented. But it has lived up to what I thought it would be."

Question: If a coach told his players to back off and let you shoot open outside shots, would you take that as an insult?

Knight: "I wouldn't take it as an insult. I wish any coach would say that against me so I could shoot. If the coach would ask me why I was shooting, I would say they backed up. If you give me space, I am going to shoot it. I would not take it as an insult. I would take it as helping us."

Question: What things do you really have to work on the rest of this season?

Knight: "Just leading our team and making sure I am doing everything I could be doing as far as my point guard leadership skills. Make sure I am talking and getting us into what we need to be into instead of letting guys start the game out shooting 3-pointers make sure we are doing the right things offensively and defensively."

Question: Where do you feel this team is at right now at 6-5 in league play?

Knight: "I think we are a team that is learning and starting to play better in spurts. We just have to find a way to play great an entire 40 minutes. We are good 30, we are good 35 minutes, but we have to find a way to play 40 minutes. I think we are doing good as far as getting better. I like our team. I love our team."

Question: You went a little over 16 minutes without a field goal against Mississippi State. Has there been a time earlier in your career where it took you that long to get your first goal and yet you did not let it bother you?

Knight: "Maybe when I was younger, but as you get older you learn that you can impact the game other than through scoring. You can impact it defensively, rebounding, just playing hard. The shots are not going to always fall."

Question: Was Mississippi State's defense better earlier in the game than late when you took over offensively?

Knight: "Not really. It was just really me missing. A lot of shots I normally hit in games I missed tonight early. I think it was just a matter of myself missing shots."

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