Hairston Will Draw Interest At Highest Level

Malik Hairston is a big name in Michigan. Pretty soon he's going to be a big name nationally. The small forward from The Family had a good weekend in Hampton. Here's a look at his recruitment and a shot chart from one of his games.

Speedy Walker's The Family AAU team is loaded on the perimeter. They've got a pair of Michigan commitments in Joe Crawford and Ron Coleman. The third member of the talented trio is Malik Hairston. This 16-year old junior is going to be a big timer in his own right.

At the Boo Williams tournament, Hairston gave a list that included UCLA, Ohio State, Missouri, Michigan State and Kentucky. He averaged 22 points and 12 rebounds at Renaissance this past season.

Hairston's game is a versatile one. He's an athletic rebounder who really does a nice job with that aspect of his game. He can also step outside and make shots past the 3-point arc. As we said, he's a young junior age-wise, so there's nothing but good things ahead in his future.

Here's a closer look at one of his games over the weekend. It was a Friday night contest in which The Family dropped a close one to BABC.

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