NBA will continue to impact recruiting

The NBA lockout is having an impact on recruiting, but issues are far deeper than the one and done rule.

There is little doubt that the NBA's non-existent Collective Bargaining Agreement is having an impact on recruiting, particularly among the top 50 recruits.

That situation is unlikely to change in the near future. There has been little movement by either side, and it is going to take a lot of movement by both sides to get an agreement in place to prevent the loss of the 2011-2012 season.

An indicator of a probable lost season are plans being made by current NBA stars to play a season in a foreign league. When an established played like Deron Williams(pictured) is considering playing in Turkey if there is no agreement in place this fall things are serious.

College basketball fans see issues surrounding the one and done rule as being an important factor. This is a small potatoes issue.

Unlike the NFL, which is making huge amounts of money hand over fist the NBA has way too many teams losing money. This loss of money by some teams has far ranging issues.

The teams going broke could lead to contraction, a situation where teams are dissolved and their current players could be either cut loose as free agents or become part of a contraction draft.

Fewer NBA teams will mean fewer drafted players. An even bigger factor for those second round type players is that the experienced out of work players will be fighting them for places on a roster at a greater rate than we have seen in the past.

If contraction occurs there will likely be a change in the current one and done rule, likely requiring two or even three years in college before being eligible for the draft.

It all comes down to money. Some teams are funded by wealthy owners or ownership groups and can afford to spend big bucks to become competitive in an off season. On the flip side we have the teams that are the have nots. These are the teams that annually lose their best players because they lack the funds to keep them. They are always going to strive to compete, get to the point where they are ready to make a playoff splash, then be decimated by loss of starpower.

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