Twitter changing recruiting landscape

Gurus getting out the scoop by tweeting their tweeps with the latest information and opinions.

Social media is quickly changing the delivery of recruiting information to fans of football and basketball recruiting.

As I glance at the threads on WildcatChat, Kentucky Sports Report's premium forum, I find a number of posts mentioning gurus using Twitter to either opine about possible destinations of recruits, or to give other recruiting information out to their tweeps.

Getting the word out to their tweeps isn't only confined to recruiting gurus, players also use the social networking tool to get information out to the public. Players will tweet who they favor, who they may want to recruit them and much more information.

Joe Recruiting Fan gets information that began life as premium information and sends a tweet, which can be re-tweeted multiple times within a short amount of time.

It appears to me that the future of sites that have been based upon recruiting information for specific schools are going to go full circle. Most of these websites, KSR being one, began life as a place for fans to discuss sports. The premium and subscription sites then began as a way for groups of people to discuss their favorite team without being inundated by flamers and rival team's fans.

As the internet evolves it will not be the premium information that will drive people to subscribe to websites, it will be the opportunity to discuss their favorite team in a relatively peaceful and sane cyber area as free from harassment as possible.

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