Q&A with Winston Guy

GUY: "I am just going to play my butt off every play and going into camp I might make a couple of people mad.?I feel like if I get people mad, that is going to get the whole physical part of them out and get me out, too."

Question: Do you get a sense this is your time to shine at Kentucky?

Guy: "Yes I do feel like that. Just going into my last season, I have been doing a lot of things that I?have not been doing before here. I have been doing a lot of extra stuff. When we work out, I do a lot of extra working out after we are done. I will come outside and work with some of my teammates on agility and drills to get myself more prepared and better for the season."

Question: Shouldn't this be a big year for you not only at Kentucky, but it terms of your future in football?
Guy: "I feel like that. If I can get myself better as an individual, I can make my teammates better because I feel like if everybody can get themselves better it makes everybody around better. A lot of us feed off each other's energy."

Question: Will staying at UK?for your senior season be beneficial to you in terms of a future NFL career?
Guy: "I just feel like I?needed an extra year mentally. I think the NFL is a totally different level and is a different step from the college level. I feel like I wasn't ready mentally. Physically I thought I?could do it, but mentally I wasn't ready and I?thought that extra year of coaching and extra year of experience of college football would help me in the long run."

Question: How close were you to putting your name into the NFL draft like teammate Randall Cobb did?
Guy: "I thought about it, but once I?got my evaluation feedback back I felt like I was a better player than what they thought I was at the time. I felt like the way they had me going into the draft it was not a good option for me to leave. I felt I?could come back and improve on my skills and a lot of things going into the 2012 draft and would go higher than I was expected to go."

Question: Since you are back, who do you think will be the vocal leader of the defense?
Guy: "I feel like to be honest it will be more than one. A lot of us are seniors. Me, Danny (Trevathan), Ronnie (Sneed), and Randall (Burden). It's going to be a lot of people who will be vocal, not just one the way I see it. I?think there will be a lot of people vocal. I feel like our defense will be so much better than it was last year. Coach (Rick) Minter coming in with a whole new defensive scheme and a lot of people have been in different positions, but I?feel like that he is putting people in position that can make the team better. "Just me going to a position I did in high school will help. At first I can speculated what was the reason why (for the position change). But as I?looked at it, I think it is going to benefit me in the long run because it makes me work to my strengths. I?am more of a downhill player as far as coverage. Coming out of high school, I really was not a safety. I had to teach my way as how to play as far as people coaching me and stuff. I feel like coach Minter has put me in the best position as possible to help out myself and the team."

Question: How are you handling the increase hype and expectations being put on you going into this season?
Guy: "I am handling it pretty well. I don't let a lot of that stuff get to my head. I am just a humble guy. I?am willing to work as hard as possible and do as much as possible to help myself out in the best way I can and help my teammates out the best way I can. As far as the position, I am really kind of undersized in a way. I am not really that big to play that position. I?am not going to look at it that way. I am going to use my athletic ability and use my speed as much as I can to make plays. I think all the other stuff will come in.
"I am just going to play my butt off every play and going into camp I might make a couple of people mad.?I feel like if I get people mad, that is going to get the whole physical part of them out and get me out, too. I think going into camp is going to be hard. Getting everybody in the groove of things. We have been off from the pads and stuff. I would say coach (Joker) Phillips is going to bring the heat for a couple of practices for everybody to get the whole contact thing. "I think through the rest of camp will be mostly a mental thing I would say for the defense to refresh over the plays and just learn them more so everybody can get the plays down because it is a whole new system. So I think the biggest thing in camp is just going to be a mental thing."

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