VAUGHT: Gators unaware of win streak over UK

Florida quarterback John Brantley had some struggled last year with the Gators following Tim Tebow, but the Gators still took apart Kentucky — something they have done since UK's last win in 1986.

"I am not sure why we beat Kentucky. I have no idea," said Brantley.

Does he know how long it has been since the Gators lost to UK?

"I?have no idea. How man?" Brantley asked.

He laughed when told the correct answer.

"Wow. That is incredible. I guess we just play well against them or something," he said. "They are a good program. We must just have something on them. We just try to go win every game we can, but I am not quite sure what to even say about that streak because I didn't even know there was a streak like that."

Neither did defensive end William Green.

"I think it is about preparation and executing well as far as the game plan goes. It is as simple as that," Green said when asked about always beating Kentucky. "We never go into a game thinking too little, or too much, of an opponent. You have to respect your opponent and we do that with Kentucky. They know they can play with us. They do have good players. We have some guys that might be a little faster at some positions, but it's not like they don't have a lot of good players."

Like Brantley, he had no idea about the long win streak about Kentucky, an indication that perhaps the Gators do indeed just consider beating the Cats a mere formality much like Tennessee does (since the Vols started their win streak in 1985).

"We don't talk about it too much, but we do not want to be that team that loses to Kentucky. Actually, I don't think much about it and didn't know all that much about it until I was asked. I just knew we had not lost in a long time," Green said.

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