Joker Phillips: Easy decision to bring Newton

Kentucky coach Joker Phillips says it was an easy decision to bring junior quarterback Morgan Newton to the Southeastern Conference Media Days here with him Thursday.

"He's one of our leaders on offense, and it's easy to tell. It was easy to tell at the beginning of the spring, middle of the spring and end of the spring. Then the things he has done this summer and reports I?have been getting about how he is organizing workouts and called other teams and got guys there," Phillips said. "He reminds me a lot, and I?am hoping we get the same results, of the story of a kid we used to have in Andre Woodson. He deserves the right to be here.

"We sold Andre Woodson when we were recruiting Morgan Newton. Morgan had a chance to go to some powers in this league but chose Kentucky and a lot of it had to do with Andre Woodson. Now Andre being back on our staff and part of this program has been big for Morgan's development."

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