This season is pivotal for Hood

Players often benefit from medical redshirt season.

With the injury to Jon Hood almost certain to wipe out his junior season the young man finds himself at a crossroads, based upon past experiences of injured players who have successfully returned from ACL surgery. With today's medical technological advances an ACL tear is more of a set back injury and is no longer the career threatening or career ending injury it was at one time.

One fork of the road would have Hood working hard and rehabilitating the knee and picking back up where at the point of injury once he is medically cleared to play.

A second fork in the road we find players taking is using the time to rehabilitate and improve their knowledge of the game. The players who take this fork use their time to learn the nuances of the game by observation, and become more fluent in playing the game as a result.

While Hood could take either fork it is more likely that he take the fork that will lead to his having a deeper understanding of the game. John Calipari will place Hood in a position where gaining a deeper understanding of the game will be thrust upon Hood.

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