Summer recruiting stretch run

The second July evaluation period began today, and runs through July 31. More players will begin cutting down school lists, and some schools will need to begin looking at plan B players.

Today began the second session of the July recruiting period for college basketball coaches across the nation. This session runs through the end of July.

This session differs a bit from the session earlier in the month.

At this point in time coaches are more focused on targets. As players commit to other schools coaches will find that they have to alter plans and shift gears by focusing on other players.

It is usually during the late July session when players begin to cut schools from their lists, and begin to narrow down their lists to the schools that they plan to visit.

Players are less likely to burst onto the scene during this session, as most of them will have been playing all summer.

Recruits seeing faces of coaching staffs in the stands may become more important over the final July session. Those schools that are consistently in attendance for games are going to soon be vying for in-home visits and campus visits. When kids don't see staffs in the stands they may not feel the love necessary to invite a school into their home or to visit that school's campus.

This is also the time of year when schools not previously involved with kids may suddenly become major players if targets if that school has the name power to swoop in and displace other schools on a player's list.

In late August we will see kids beginning to take official visits. The contact period, when in-home visits may take place will be upon us in early September.

While this has been a slow year for commitments one would expect that the trend will not continue and more prospects will begin pulling the trigger and making decisions as visits are made.

The NBA lockout factor could, however, lead to a large number of players making fall commitments deciding to wait until spring to sign with schools.

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