Orlando Showcase: Alex Poythress impressive

ORLANDO - Yesterday had many fun things at the Showcase. I saw Kobe Eubanks for the first time yesterday morning. He is a class of 2014 shooting guard out of Ft Lauderdale. He squared off against a team anchored by Gary Harris. Eubanks is a very smooth player who still has some developing to do however you can see his potential. He possesses a picturesque stroke and moves well.

As Brian Snow reported yesterday, Gary Harris can score. Watching him today its easy to see why. He is one of those guards that never stops moving. His off the ball cuts are vicious and his athleticism apparent. UK is currently not listed as a school of interest and this is unfortunate.

I was able to catch a few additional games that included UK targets T.J. Warren and Robert Carter Jr. Neither player overly impressed me yesterday however I'm glad I watched them today. Games by both players caused me to re-evaluate. Both are big bodied players although Warren has better range but Carter is more dominant inside. Warren exhibited the energy today that I did not see yesterday. As for Carter, he is a fabulous rebounder. He excels at keeping anything within his reach alive by tipping until he can corral it. His soft hands make him adapt at doing so.

I'm still buying Alex Poythress, as much as yesterday. Excluding S. Muhammad, I can't think of a SF I rather have. His quickness is top notch and he gets to the rim with ease. Class of 2013 center Nerlens Noel had a big matchup today with 2012 center Mitch McGary. Although the two seldom matched up head to head, it was an iconic game. By my count, McGary had 17 points despite some early fouls which put him on the bench. His team was down big late in the game but he stepped up and brought them back, all the way back to take a 2 point lead with 2 seconds left...only to have comeback spoiled when Jaylen Brantley sunk a mid court shot at the buzzer. McGary again showed off his high energy, constant chatter game and did so in front of nearly ever major coach in the country. I don't recall ever seeing a player who plays like him. Best described, its ADHD on steroids. I got tired watching. You will love him on your team but hate him if you are playing him.

As for Noel, I've read the hype and seen the rankings but I don't get it. Defensively he is a game changer. Superb timing and his quickness off the floor allows him to wait, wait, wait then go up for the shot block. I get that. He changes the game defensively in the way Mutumbo did. However offensively he changes the game the way Mutumbo did...he doesn't. Will age and bulk change that? I hope so. He is talented and worthy of a high ranking but I think top 3 is a stretch.

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