NCAA overstepping authority

NCAA deserves ridicule for latest asinine ruling over Hall and Bowie coaching a squad of former Kentucky players in an exhibition.

I was thrilled when I learned that Joe B. Hall, a man that should be in the Basketball Hall of Fame for contributions to the game, was to coach a group of former Kentucky players in an exhibition game against the Dominican National team being coached by current Kentucky coach John Calipari.

The NCAA has put the kibosh on the plan for both Hall to coach and for former Kentucky All American Sam Bowie to be his assistant.

The NCAA has gone so far as to proclaim that the team cannot be named Kentucky Legends.

There can be no possible existing rule that is being violated in this instance.

Hall does not work for the University in any capacity, nor does Bowie. The players they are coaching are neither collegiate players, nor are they prospective collegiate players.

I can see how a problem would exist if the game involved recruitable student-athletes and Hall and Bowie were coaching a team.

The name Kentucky Legends being stricken is also outside the purview of the NCAA. All of the collegiate players, and Hall and Bowie as prospective coaches were legends in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. How can the NCAA prevent a team from using the name of a state? The team was not being call the University of Kentucky Legends.

How is this situation any different than the man exhibitions that are played with team USA squads each year?

How is this situation any different from Pat Riley coaching a team of professionals, the Miami Heat, when former Kentucky star Antoine Walker was on the squad?

This is just another ridiculous ruling issued by the NCAA since Mark Emmert's assumption to the Presidency of the NCAA.

The NCAA has absolutely no authority over any player who plans to play for the legends, and has not since their careers ended. The NCAA has absolutely no authority over Hall or Bowie, who are not employed by the University. The NCAA has absolutely no authority over FIBA.

Make no mistake, this is not an NCAA event, but is a FIBA prep event as the Dominican team readies for the Tournament of the Americas to determine future qualification for the Olympics.

This also borders on illegal interference by the NCAA in interstate commerce. If I lived out of state and purchased tickets for the event and later learned the NCAA banned Hall and Bowie from coaching I would seeking some legal action.

As a Kentucky resident I am offended that players who represented the Commonwealth cannot bear the name "Kentucky." The name does not belong to the NCAA, but belongs to the residents of the Commonwealth.

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