NCAA has become known for bias and favoritism

The NCAA's inconsistent decisions are nothing new, but are occurring at what seems to be a higher rate than in the past. The time has come for BCS conferences to leave the NCAA behind and form their own association.

The NCAA has become a caricature of itself under Mark Emmert. NCAA bylaws are often overlooked or bent until they are ready to break for some institutions, while other institutions and individuals are subjected to heavy censure by the organization.

This is nothing new, though it does appear to be happening more frequently than in the past.

Need evidence of the NCAA bias? Let's look at the Myron Piggie affair of over a decade ago.

Piggie, who was coaching AAU basketball in Kansas City paid players Jaron Rush, Corey Maggette, Kareem Rush, Korleone Young, and Andre Williams.

During the 1999-2000 season Jaron Rush was handed down a suspension by the NCAA of 44 games. Following an appeal by UCLA he was ultimately suspended for a total of 24 games, the first 15 by UCLA as the situation was examined and an additional 9 games by the NCAA thereafter.

Kareem Rush was suspended for 9 games for the money he accepted from Piggie at the beginning of his freshman season at Missouri.

Williams was suspended five games at Oklahoma State, for tuition paid by a Kansas City businessman that was paying Piggie funds he ultimately used to pay players.

Korleone Young never felt the wrath of the NCAA, due to declaring for the NBA draft out of high school.

On May 23, 2000 Piggie entered a plea which included admission of paying $17,000 to JaRon Rush; $14,000 to Young; $2,000 to Maggette; $2,300 to Kareem Rush; and $250 to Williams.

On July 11, 2000 Maggette admitted in a sworn statement that he took cash payments from Piggie. This made Maggette an ineligible player when he played for Duke in the 1999 NCAA Championship game.

Under NCAA rules, and following NCAA precedent based on similar situations with other schools, Duke's wins in the NCAA tournament in 1999 should have been vacated. The NCAA has yet to rule on the violation.

Maggette was the only player in the scandal to play for an NCAA school and not face punished by the NCAA.

With recent NCAA decisions being highly questionable, much like the decision by the NCAA to give Duke and Maggette a pass when other schools and players were punished, the time has come to toss out the bath water and write some new rules for this baby.

The best place to start would be by a collegiate sports model realignment. BCS conferences should break away from the NCAA and form a new association. This would free them up to write sensible bylaws that are more equitable and less difficult to interpret and abide.

The BCS schools are those that drive the economic stretch limo that is the NCAA, and with the cost of big time athletics on the rise the smaller schools are going to have a harder time competing economically, and need to work under a different model than the BCS schools.

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