Contact rules are reasonable and sensible

Non-contact rules are in place for a reason, and Krzyzewski should have been able to follow the sensible recruiting guidelines.

Outcries of some in the media that the contact rules that Mike Krzyzewski violated when contacting both Alex Poythress and his AAU coach recently are silly, or in some other way not sensible are making lame attempts to defend the indefensible.

The non-contact rules at such events are purposeful and are one of the few areas of the NCAA massive set of bylaws that are sensible.

First, the non-contact rules are in place to cut down on the use of runners, coaches negotiating for the services of players with AAU coaches and others at these events.

Second, the non-contact rules are in place to cut down on the illegal bumps that had reached such levels that the NCAA had to send representatives to summer events in the recent past in order to cut down on such activities.

Perhaps the best reason for the non-contact rules are for the good of the players. If a player or his parents are inundated with such contacts it becomes much harder for the player to focus on his reason for attending the event, to play basketball.

Is there a legitimate reason that would prevent Krzyzewski from waiting until Poythress had concluded his road trip prior to contacting him to offer him a scholarship? Poythress would have obviously spotted the Duke coach watching his play, and that would have been enough for Poythress to note that Duke had interest in him.

Did Krzyzewski need to contact Poythress immediately because his home was in imminent danger of foreclosure? Was there an entry level position that paid a much larger salary than it normally would at a company operated by a Duke booster for which only one of the player's parents was qualified?

This may just be a secondary violation, but it is one of those secondary violations in which the NCAA is to be keying on in order to clean up the recruiting scene.

NCAA rules require that Duke, upon learning of the violation, must declare Poythress ineligible to attend Duke. Duke must then appeal to the NCAA to restore his eligibility.

The odds of this being an inadvertent violation are slim. Coaches have been educated on the rule and know that the contact is not allowed.

I doubt anything will come of the violation, it will be filed behind the Maggette case in the offices of the NCAA investigators.

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