Hoops recruiting lull doesn't slow Calipari

While other coaches are laying low, resting up from the evaluation period and making plans for fall recruiting, Kentucky's John Calipari is going to be associated with the biggest basketball games going on during the middle of August this year. You can bet that recruits are going to know that guys like John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins are going to be putting on a show.

This is the time many hoops recruiting addicts detest, the annual August lull.

The July evaluation period has ended, coaches are back on campus, taking short vacations, or in the case of John Calipari coaching the Dominican National team.

Players cannot take campus visits until they begin school for the fall term, and the in-home visits are still a month away.

This is the time when most programs and coaches aren't getting a lot of ink.

John Calipari's venture as coach for the Dominican's and his ability to schedule two high profile games in the middle of August keeps Calipari, and in turn Kentucky in the news.

Calipari happened to get commitments for those two high profile exhibitions from those former UK players who are going to be most recognizable for recruits. John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and Eric Bledsoe all had successful freshmen campaigns in the league.

Sure guys like Rajon Rondo, Tay Prince, Keith Bogans and Nazr Mohammed are not recent UK players. They are players that show the success and longevity UK players can attain in the NBA. They are also guys that just happened to have been parts of teams that have had some recent NBA playoff success. In the case of Prince it hasn't been so long ago that Detroit was having success in the NBA playoffs and Prince was shutting down some very good wing forwards in the playoffs and has a title ring to highlight his bling. Rondo's ring is a bit newer, and probably came within the memory of recruits.

For Calipari nothing is happenstance, and I would lay odds that the team of UK legends he assembled was done with an eye on his recruiting targets.

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