Cats report for fall camp

Freshmen report, find no beanies, no initiations, no funny pranks; just find plenty of heat for all

This is the reporting day for the football team. Like most years' enthusiasm is high, everybody's in shape and Oh Yes, everybody's undefeated. A couple of decades back freshmen use to be required to wear beanie's, there was an initiation of sorts, and pranks were pulled on them. But when initiations starting to get out of hand, the NCAA eliminated them. Car keys are taken away but not cell phones, mainly because they are not going have time to use them. So what's new?

It seems to be that beards and mustaches are the prevailing thing for fall camp. From the upperclassmen conveyance to the freshman, there's a lot of verbal intimidation.

"Man you might not make it out," was Ronnie Sneed's favorite line to freshmen about fall camp. Sneed said that the other thing is that the team has had a lot more conditioning, a lot more chemistry, and a lot more yada, yada.

These are a lot of the typical things we here every year when everybody's still undefeated.

Sneed declared things are different this year. He said in the past they did not show the dedication they have shown this off-season. When someone calls a conditioning session, all the guys were eager to be present.

Sneed said, "They've done the extra stuff when last year they didn't."

Randall Burden showed up with a heavy beard and an Amish-looking straw hat anchored with a chin-strap (an odd look). Given his appearance, Burden was asked if he had been called Amish?

"I've been called everything," Burden said. "I heard that (Amish), I have heard Abraham Lincoln, Osama Bin Laden, I done heard it all."

The prevailing thinking is the worst thing about fall camp is the heat. The best thing was the free food and the camaraderie built by staying in the dorms and again, the chance to build relations.

When asked what was the best part about camp, Burden hesitated and said, in a reach, "Probably the four meals we get a day."

Anthony Mosley, as well as LaRod King, made mention of some of the young receivers they are anxious to see.

"I can't really think of some of the names right now but they are doing really, really well throughout seven-on-seven's," Mosley said. "I think we will have a lot of new offensive firepower to replace Randall Cobb and Chris Matthews so it's exciting to see how our offense is going to be."

Wide receiver Brian Adams said it's exciting to get the pads back on again and get back in the heat, He said the heat here is nothing like the heat in Georgia where he's from.

Adams said, "It feels like fall here."

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