Q&A with freshman TE Alvin Dupree

Larry Vaught goes one-on-one with freshman Alvin Dupree

Question: Are you as fast as everyone says you are?
Alvin Dupree: "I?am pretty fast. I?have been working on my speed a lot. I can run the 40 in 4.45 (seconds), but I've always been pretty fast."
Question: Do you feel like you have a chance to help the team this year even though a lot of experienced tight ends are back?
Dupree: "I came in with the feeling I have a chance to help this team. I?think I do because I work hard enough and want to play."

Question: What things do you do best?
Dupree: "I run and catch the football, but I can also block. I?am pretty much an all-around player. I like to play physical, hard-nose football because that is the way I was brought up."

Question: Are you capable of stretching the defense deep down the middle?
Dupree: "I?am pretty sure I can do that. That's what I?plan on doing here."

Question: What has the summer been like with your new classmates?
Dupree: "The summer was great. Everybody has been so great. (Junior quarterback) Morgan Newton and freshman quarterback Max Smith helped me out a lot. Everything has pretty much fallen in place with the older guys making sure everything is right for us new guys."

Question: How has freshman quarterback Theltus Cobbins been?
Dupree: "He is pretty fast. He should be okay. He pretty much a good quarterback, and he is always happy, energetic and on the go. He will help us."

Question: Has any tight end in particular helped you this summer?
Dupree: "Jordan Aumiller helped me a lot this summer and Nick Mellilo did too. They have been telling me what to do and how to run the routes. Jordan is a really a good guy and is pretty good on the field. I can see why he has got to play a lot. He does all the right techniques and all the stuff coaches want. Whatever the coach say for him to do, he does it."

Question: What made you want to come to Kentucky?
Dupree: "I?thought I?had a chance to play right away and I?just wanted to help the team. I?fell in love with the coaches, too." Question: Did you know much about Kentucky football before you were recruited?
Dupree: "I didn't. There's really not any news about Kentucky football in Georgia. Until they started recruiting me, I didn't know but then I?found out more about them."

Question: Any particular player or coach that had a big impact on you coming to Kentucky?
Dupree: "Coach (Randy) Sanders. He sold me on being part of the offense and doing a lot of versatile things with where I?lined up as a tight end. He told me I could do a lot of things to help the offense out and maybe do it early."

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