Q&A with freshman WR Daryl Collins

Larry Vaught goes one-on-one with freshman wide receiver Daryl Collins

Question: Just exactly how fast are you since most of the UK?freshmen talk about your speed?
Daryl Collins: "They clocked me at 4.45 (seconds in the 40-yard dash). That's pretty fast, but I?have been clocked a lot lower than that. I was not feeling well that day I ran a 4.45. I can run in the 4.3 range depending on the technique and how I feel."

Question: How excited are you about preseason camp?
Collins: "I?am very excited. This is my first time playing in the SEC where there is a lot of speed, but that is going to be great for me."

Question: Are you here because of a chance at early playing time?
Collins: "Yes. They offered me a better thing than Alabama did and I?also have family up here. So that made it balance out staying at home and having family there or coming up here and having family here. My grandmamma and auntie are in Louisville, so that's great. My other grandmamma on my mother's side is back home."

Question: Did Louisville also recruit you?
Collins: "They recruited me bad. I was going to take a visit, but I didn't."

Question: What was there about UK?that made an Alabama player turn down a chance to play at Alabama?
Collins: "Coach Tee Martin is a great coach. I liked how he coached, so that pretty much changed my mind."

Question: How would you describe yourself as a player?
Collins: "Fast tempo player. Just working hard and trying to be the best man I?can on the field."

Question: Did you enjoy the summer workouts out here?
Collins: "They went great. Morgan Newton is like the team leader and wants everything done right with no slacking. With him being the quarterback, you do what the quarterback says."

Question: Any player you want your game to be like?
Collins: "My high school years I?kind of looked up to (Alabama receiver) Julio (Jones) because I was going to Bama. As I?got up here, they were saying I could be like Randall (Cobb). That is pretty much who I look up to now is Randall.?I got a chance to talk to him and he also said I would be better than him. But the coaches said Randall was the man on the field. I believe I just have to take his spot."

Question: Do you hope to return kicks like he did?
Collins: "Yes. They are going to put me back on kick return, punt return and also in the Wildcat. It feels good to hear about the Wildcat, but it is nothing like high school. You have defensive linemen that are fast, linebackers that are fast and running same speed you are. You just have to play."

Question: Could you throw out of the Wildcat or just run?
Collins: "I can do pretty much both throwing and running. That's why they compared me to Randall because I can do both."

Question: Is that pressure being compared to one of the best and most versatile players ever to play at UK?
Collins: "It ain't all that pressure as some people might think of it. It is kind of pressure, but it is not. You play football all your life, so you should be used to all that pressure and overlook it. As you give up on pressure, you start messing up."

Question: What is it like rooming with receiver Brian Adams?
Collins: "Brian tries to make you understand everything going over the plays and makes sure you are on time and also some other stuff. I?look up to him as a big brother."

Question: What is your personality like?
Collins: "My personality is good. I like talking to people and getting to know other people and stuff like that. If you come up to ask me something and you may not know me, but I can help you out by being the polite person I am."

Question: What do all the tattoos mean or stand for?
Collins: "I do have a lot. Pretty much I?have a meaning for all of them. Somebody passed away in my family or something that means something to me.?I?don't just get any random tattoo."

Question: What is a reasonable expectation for you this season?
Collins: "You should expect a lot out of me this year with Randall leaving. I?just have to play to my capabilities. I?have to work, hustle. It can't just be about me. It has to be about my team and working with them. If we all come together, we should be really good."

Question: How has the offensive system been for you to learn?
Daryl Collins: "It's kind of like hard by looking at the playbook versus high school playbooks that ain't that thick. You just have to study and study, listen in meetings and pay attention. The playbook should come to you as you keep studying."

Question: Since Phillips is putting freshmen off limits to the media for three weeks, do you think he's afraid of what you all might say or plans to play so many of you that he doesn't want you talking about how hard he's pushing you in practice?
Collins: "Probably it might be what we say might be too much. They also told us what to say and what not to say. Only time will tell."

Question: Who is the best freshman receiver on campus?
Collins: "That ain't no question. Me."

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