Kendrick: "I slimmed down, tightend up"

Upon Greg Nord's arrival last year, he said he looked at the tight ends on film and he felt he had a good group to work with.

Upon Greg Nord's arrival last year, he said he looked at the tight ends on film and he felt he had a good group to work with. As time would have it the fact came to light that he had several that could do some things well but he had none that could do everything well. So the hunt was on trying to develop a couple of consistent tight ends. Unlike running backs, through time and coaching tight ends for the most part are cultivated Joker Phillips said "running backs are born. You can't make them."

Again, with time and coaching tight ends are developed but they've got to want to stick and put their nose on somebody. At the end of the year Anthony Kendrick got the start in the bowl game and we asked Nord what precipatated him getting the start. The coach said, what he has told them he's opened up the position and anybody can go in there and start. "This creates competition and competition brings out the best in them," Nord said.

"As for as Kendrick is concerned he just kept improving and getting better as the year went along. I think he had a good bowl practice and showed that he's made the improvement that he needed to be a good Southeastern Conference tight end." Kendricks previously had the knock on him that he didn't understand the necessity of physicallity and hadn't yet developed the willingness to put his nose on people. "That's some that I think a Joker Phillips coached football team is going to take pride in. You're not going to get on the field unless you put youur nose on someone, I don't care if you are a kicker."

He said he has a few tight ends but they are wanting to get seperated out so they can start getting ready to play football.

Kendrick from Katy, Texas, a Katrina evaccuee said he plans to be in that number and expound upon what he got accomplished last season. In a loaded position we asked Kendrick what he had done over the off-season to prepare himself for the competition he's going to face? He said - "I gained a lot of weight. I guess I was up to around 264-pounds. I slimmed down, tightend up, got more ripped, more conditioning, worked on my blocking skills, getting that mentality of being tough, and you know I'm big now" When asked what the coaches saw in him that got him that start in the bowl game. "They saw the toughness. All last season after practice I would go out and just try to see if there was something I could work on. Just get a hard hit on a block or just try to be a wild man and throw my body around. They saw that started to comeout of me. They already knew I could catch and rund routes."


One writer asked Nord was Danny Trevathan was really going to get a chance at returning Kickoffs? Nord quicky retorted - "His best look at kickoffs is going to be covering them (laughs). "I'll qualify it since you obvious need a quote for your article." The writer said that's a pretty good one already. "Look, Danny Trevathan is a great football player and rephrasing that, he probly could. Danny's a good enough football player that he could do most any skill, defense, offense, or special teams. Yet for the best interest of Kentucky football is for him to play linebacker and a couple other special teams, not return kickoffs."

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