Newton on Newton, Part One

Langston Newton will also be on UK's track team. He has been highly ranked nationally in both the discus and shot put. This summer he added the hammer throw in AAU?meets.

He's not coming to play football at the University of Kentucky because his brother, junior Morgan Newton, will be UK's starting quarterback this season. Instead, Indianapolis defensive lineman verbally committed to the Wildcats Thursday because his father says he felt that was the best place for him.

"I didn't know what he was going to do," said Dr. John Newton, Langston's father. "He likes track a lot, too. He had to figure out doing one sport versus two or just football or just track. It may not be the perfect choice, but Kentucky is the best choice and is close to perfect for him.

"It's a family affair, too, so I am happy. I don't know if that had anything to do with his decision, and probably didn't, but now we just have to go to one place to watch the boys play. We won't have to travel nearly as much."

The 6-5, 240-pound Carmel High defensive lineman initially announced via Twitter without confirming it to his father or mother.

"His mother is in Louisiana and called to ask if he was going to do it (make a decision) tomorrow. I told her he had already did it, and I didn't even know for an hour or two after he did," John Newton said. "I'm just lucky I was around to find it."

Langston Newton had scholarship offers from Indiana, Western Kentucky, Purdue, Arkansas State and several other smaller schools. He had track offers from Ohio State and UK as well as interest from Louisville and LSU.

"Langston is pretty independent, and Morgan knows it, so Morgan didn't try to really influence him," John Newton said. "To be honest, Morgan probably had nothing to do with it. Langston always wanted to blaze his own trail. His brother was great in basketball and football. The reason Langston played defensive line and not quarterback and does track and not basketball is because he wanted to do his thing. Some siblings want to do the same things, some want to be different.

"His decision was a little surprising to me because he could have gone other places. We processed the whole thing and my job was to give him the best information to make his decision and then let him make it. If he had left it up to me, I would have wanted it done a week ago.

"What I was trying to tell him is we don't need to be hanging around and waiting and doing different things. School starts next week. Everybody that offers is there on the table now. If you wait you are getting into taking chances something might fill up. Thats the kind of thing I put out on the table, too. You can't wait on LSU, Notre Dame, Nebraska. They were all wide open, but they are waiting on five-star guys and can afford to wait. We can't."

Langston Newton is ranked as a three-star recruit and among the top 15 players in Indiana. His ranking could rise, though, because he was not initially on most 2012 recruiting charts and his play has continued to enhance his ranking.

"The stars are important and not important,"?Newton's father said. "If he does go to a four-star, it would be great for him and the university because this is an entertainment business and people pay attention to the stars you have."

Langston Newton will also be on UK's track team. He has been highly ranked nationally in both the discus and shot put. This summer he added the hammer throw in AAU?meets.

"You can't keep him out of track. He may do some things that have not been done before," John Newton said. "The UK?track coaches are pretty excited to have him."

Newton's father is not sure where he'll play in college. He's a defensive tackle now out of necessity for his team but has been projected as a defensive end.

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