Saturday UK football tidbits

Larry Vaught supplies UK fans with tidbits from his trip to Commonwealth Stadium for Saturday's scrimmage.

1. Talked to Morgan Newton's mom, delightful lady. Told me all about Langston being quite a gardener with his tomatoes, peppers, etc. Also has fish and turtles.

2. Source at scrimmage said FR Josh Clemons looked good early, Morgan was "sporadic" with his throws, Collins Ukwu was dominant at times. Source liked enthusiasm starting scrimmage but felt it waned even though Joker said he was pleased with the way the players competed.

3. Center Matt Smith and tackle Chandler Burden sat out the scrimmage with injuries along with Hines and Joker said that enabled the defense to outplay the offense most of the time.

4. Receiver Brian Adams, one of only three players available to the media, said they were told not to talk about the freshman but said some were really good in the scrimmage.

5. Randy Sanders was pleased with no interceptions, but wants more completions.

6. No major injuries in the scrimmage.

7. DeQuin Evans was there smiling and hugging everyone. Have to believe he has a chance to make the Bengals.

8. Joker called me out — in a somewhat playful way — for talking to mothers for info. Sure he was referring to me talking to Josh Gibbs' mom after his departure from the team.

9. Source liked the way UK was working "intently" on tackling drills before the scrimmage.

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