SEC chooses to hold off on expansion, for now

Is SEC expansion a dead issue for now, or is the league playing a waiting game to see if Texas A&M takes steps to declaring its independence from the Big 12?

While the media had reported that an impending marriage between the SEC and Texas A&M was a sure thing the SEC's presidents and chancellors committee had other plans.

No SEC expansion, for now.

The league did not close the door on expansion in the near future. The future may come sooner than some SEC officials would lead people to believe.

The Texas A&M System board of regents has a meeting slated for today. On that meetings agenda is an item about conference alignment.

While it is considered a bit unsavory to poach teams from other conferences it is not considered unsavory to pick up teams that have basically declared themselves the collegiate version of conference free agents.

Could the SEC be awaiting the outcome of the meetings in Texas today by the Texas A&M System board of regents and tomorrow's hearing of the Texas House Committee on Higher Education? The Tecas House Committee on Higher Education's hearing, called by the committee's chairman Texas State Rep. Dan Branch, is slated to include Big 12, SEC and Texas A&M officials.

It certainly appears that conference expansion for 2012 is not dead, but the SEC could be playing possum as it awaits a more formal declaration of independence by Texas A&M to declare itself free of the Big 12.

Should A&M become free agents it will be interesting to see what moves follow, as it is not a likely scenario for the SEC to expand to 13 teams, when 14 teams better fits the two division format the SEC uses for football.

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