Q&A with Donte Rumph

Rumph: "I?am a little behind the eight-ball because of the car accident. I am just trying to get back right and trying to get my wind back. It is going great."

Question: How has preseason practice been for you so far?

Rumph: "I?am a little behind the eight-ball because of the car accident. I am just trying to get back right and trying to get my wind back. It is going great. I am getting a lot of mental reps, understanding the defense. Everybody is coming together as one. Camp is just going great."

Question: What happened in the accident that gave you a concussion?

Rumph: "It was head against the windshield. I really don't remember too much other than my head hit the windshield. I was by myself and a driver pulled out in front of me. She ran the stop sign and I?hit her. I?am blessed just to be back out here. I?am just trying to keep that in the past and look forward and trying to help the team any way I can by getting mental reps, getting my wind back or whatever else I have to do."

Question: Did the accident scare you?

Rumph: "It did. I was shaking for a little while until my big little brother P.C. (Mister Cobble) came and kind of calmed me down a little bit. I was relieved to see him and my other teammates when I got over here."

Question: How do you like coordinator Rick Minter's defensive system?

Rumph: "It is great. You are moving around, having fun and get to fly around. I am just excited for the season."

Question: Considering at this time last year you were happy to finally be eligible and getting to Kentucky, do you now go into the season with bigger expectations for yourself? Rumph: "Yes I do. As I progress, I feel I?have more to prove.?I want to prove to my teammates I can contribute to the team in a lot of ways."

Question: What was a full offseason with strength coach Rock Oliver like for you?

Rumph: "It was tough. But it was great. I was just getting in shape, getting stronger. I got better at technique and craft. It was a hard workout, but it was well worth it. It was great. I got my weight a little higher. I?kind of reshaped and toned up."

Question: Can you be a run stopper for this team?

Rumph: "Yes sir. I try to think of myself as a positive contributor in any way needed. If they need me to stop the run,?I will stop it. I will go get the passer if that is needed."

Question: Are you more relaxed and comfortable than a year ago?

Rumph: "From last year just kind of playing catchup to now is so different. I?know the system. I?know everybody. I am not as anxious because I am more relaxed and familiar with everything."

Question: Since you are such a mild-mannered, pleasant person off the field, do you change personalities on the field?

Rumph: "I am two different people. Some people say I?have a split personality when it comes to me in person and me on the field. Hey that's part of the game. That's how I?have always been. I?am a totally different person on the field, but when I?am off the field I?can talk to anybody."

Question: Minter is so passionate and demanding, does that make it easy or hard for you to get along with him?

Rumph: "You just have to receive everything as a lesson. Just understand where he is coming from. He might say it in an aggressive way because he is so caught up emotionally, but he means it in a different sense. So if you just take everything as a learning experience, it is great. I love that he is so emotional about the game. It gives us emotion that we need."

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