Vaught: 1-on-1 with Evan Daniels

Daniels: "We ranked Willis among the top 35 recruits in the 2013 class. He's an impressive overall prospect because of his combination of size, skill and scoring ability."

Question: How do you evaluate Bullitt East junior Derek Willis and how do you see his recruiting in the months ahead? Daniels: "We ranked Willis among the top 35 recruits in the 2013 class. He's an impressive overall prospect because of his combination of size, skill and scoring ability. I think this time around the Willis' are going to take their time. They recently took visits to Louisville and Kentucky and I'm betting Indiana will get a visit soon as well. Those are the three schools that I see involved in this deal."

Question: From your perspective, who has emerged as the top recruiting targets for John Calipari and Kentucky? Daniels: :They clearly made Dajuan Coleman a top target. They've targeted Archie Goodwin, Devonta Pollard, Shabazz Muhammad, Alex Poythress and Willie Cauley. They are involved with quite a few guys."

Question: Is it just me, or are even more top 25, top 35 type players listing Kentucky among their final three or five schools now? Daniels: "It's clear that recruits are noticing John Calipari's success the past few years. He plays a fun brand of ball and offers elite level talents a chance to get to the league quickly. That's enticing to recruits."

Question: What do you like about Goodwin and Muhammed? Daniels: "With Goodwin it's his scoring that stands out. He's wired up to score and attacks the rim with some aggression. Muhammad is the top player in class for a number of reason. First off he's consistent. Every time he touches the floor he's going to play hard, attack the rim and score it at a high level. Over the past year Muhamamd has made terrific strides with his game. He's a much better scorer because of his improved jump shot and he attacks the rim with some aggression.

Question: What caused Perry Ellis, a three-time Gatorade Player of the Year in Kansas, to drop in your rankings? Daniels: "I'm a big fan of Ellis' game. He's skilled, has good hands and has scoring moves around the basket. I thought he had his moments during the spring and summer, I just thought a few other guys were worthy of being ahead of him."

Question: Do you anticipate any early commitments for Kentucky or with the uncertainty of the one-and-done rule, do you think UK's recruiting will be finalized in the spring? Daniels: "Kentucky could have up to six scholarships, so they can't wait too long to fill out their 2012 class. With that said, I think they are in good shape with a few guys. I don't think the guys in this class are in a hurry to make a decision, so it'll be interesting to see how the 2012 group comes together."

Question:?Since he won't be playing this season, how did you evaluate North Carolina State transfer Ryan Harrow, a point guard, and what impact does he have on UK's 2012 recruiting class? Daniels: "Coming out of high schools, Harrow was one of the better ball handlers and more unique talents. He was quick, elusive and athletic. He sees the floor, but also had a knack for scoring. With the lack of guards available in the 2012 class, Harrow was a big pick up for Wildcats. They needed to fill that position, so he fit a need and allowed them to focus their 2012 efforts elsewhere."

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