Season ends early for Collins

Dislocated kneecap ends freshman's run at a spot in wide receiver rotation.

Today the University of Kentucky made the announcement that freshman wide receiver Daryl Collins will miss the 2011 season because of a knee injury.

Collins sustained a dislocated kneecap to his right knee, effectively ending his run at becoming a contributor at the wide receiver spot this season.

Kentucky coach Joker Phillips said, "Daryl got hurt a couple of days ago and we were waiting for the evaluation to come back."

Collins had become a contender for a position in the UK wide receiver rotation during the preseason.

"(Collins) was right on the verge of whether or not he was going to be able to help us. We were going to continue to work with him and it was going to be hard to make that decision for the first game because we wanted to make sure that he was going to play enough snaps to play. We were going to continue to work him and then maybe two weeks into the season, he has the ability to get a little better feel of the game and could have possibly been in the mix then."

Phillips stated that Collins will undergo surgery on September first, and he is expected to use this season as a redshirt year.

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