OL coach discusses Warford

Mike Summers discusses the growth of Larry Warford as a player, and a person

Kentucky Sports Report has Q&A with Mike Summers on Larry Warford.

Question: How have you seen Larry Warford change in your time here?

Summers: "One of the really enjoyable spots that I?have is watching 18-year-old boys grow up into 22-year-old men and it has been really enjoyable since I?have been here watching Larry on that path to getting more mature, more focused, more serious not only about football but his school work and his future. As you watch that process, you start to see his production come along as well. It has been a pretty neat thing to watch."

Question: How hard is it to project how a player may reshape his body or convince him of the need to do so like Warford has?

Summers: "I don't think that is a decision that a player makes in one specific area. I think when they consciously decide to buy into how they are being coached, the philosophy of the total program, and when they believe the people that are coaching them and the guys asking them to do things, then they buy into the total package and they get their body prepared, they get their mind prepared, they do things that you expect that players who are on the correct path to success do. That is what I?have seen Larry do. I have seen him buy into our program and with that commitment level comes conditioning, comes studying in the classroom and studying in the film room. All those things have added to his development."

Question: What does he do best?

Summers: "He is one of the most explosive players that I?have been around. At 330 pounds, he has tremendous feet. He can put his body in the right position to be powerful. He has very good hands which is kind of an art inside. In the offensive line, you have to be able to play with your hands and use your hands to lead you the direction you want to go. His hands are very quick and very powerful. Then just his knowledge of what we do. When I was in Atlanta (coaching the Falcons), we evaluated guys and one big category was football instinct and Larry would be off the charts in football instincts. He understands the game and how to operate inside."

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