Aaron Boyd speaks of his resolve

In today's world of college athletics skill players tend to look elsewhere when early playing time doesn't come. Aaron Boyd is an exception. KSR's Lonny Demaree spoke to Boyd about persevering through the lean PT times.

As previously mentioned, the mentality of today's player is one of a short stay. Given anemic productivity coupled with few opportunities, most players pull up stakes and look for more fertile ground. Even more unique Kentucky's Aaron Boyd is a local product and it could be imagined that he's had his ears bent by locals and family but has chosen to stick it out. Could his resolve pay dividends?

We asked the young man how things are going for him?

"I feel it's going good," an unshakable Boyd said. "I really can't complain. I'm keeping faith within myself and I've gotten a lot of support lately and doing what ever I can to help my team. It's not about me."

He is a very unusual person for his patience. Where does that inner-strength come from?

Boyd said, "I have dreams and I was taught not to give up on my dreams. As long as you have faith and faith in the lord and things will come. Just keep on working hard and just never quit. I've got a lot of respect for coach Phillips and he's one of the reasons I stayed around so long. It's just a never quit attitude and having a good attitude everyday and trying to make a negative into a positive.

"I have always gotten a lot of support from my family and friends and people who have watched me grow up and have watched me play, they know what I can do. They know that I have great potential and they just want it to show and they will do whatever they can to help me reach my goals and reach my potential."

One of the knocks on Boyd since he's been here has been his speed and his ability to get open. How do you counter that and are you in a position to make up for that?

Boyd responded this way, - "I'm mainly an outside-receiver and I don't think speed is the knock at all. I don't really pay attention to speed because if you look at guy's in the league (NFL) like Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Bolden. They don't run 4.3's and 4.5's and I feel like if you've got good technique and you can run good routes, you should be able to get open. I contest it all and whether there's a db on my back or there's tight coverage I can leap over a defender. So as a player I know what I can do; I know I'm not the fastest player on the field so that means I have to stay crisp with my routes, maintain my love for the game, and work harder than others."

Boyd said that overall things have been going pretty good this week, coming to practice with a good attitude and a good effort and getting a push from Joker and Tee Martin. Opportunities come and go and when they come he just has to be ready. He avoided talking about what has held him back.

When asked he said – "I really can't say right now, I'm not the one to go there."

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