Tee Martin on the Prodigal Son

Tee Martin discusses Aaron Boyd's situation at Kentucky.

We asked Tee Martin, what with the troubles of the receivers in Thursday's game and Joker's proclamation that other receivers will get a chance, how much will Aaron Boyd figure in their plans?

"He'll get into it more. He was kind of down on the depth chart behind Brian Adams and guys like that," Martin said. "Due to some injuries and some inconsistent play in other places, he'll get a chance to play. He'll catch the ball so we'll see what happens."

A question was posed to Martin; a four-star guy (Aaron Boyd) comes in whose brother played here and he hasn't lived up to expectations.

Martin said, "I wouldn't say he hasn't been able to live up to those expectations, he still has two years left. He's still learning. It's a maturation process. I don't care how many stars you have, how good you were, or where you came from - when you get to college things are different. High school is a lot different. There are adjustments you have to make, the speed of the game, mentally, physically, things of that nature." Martin said he played some early then didn't play so much and now he's going to have an opportunity, with what's going on and the way they are headed as an offense, to get out there and prove himself.

"He's been consistently catching the ball, he knows where to go, he's a veteran in that regard, we just want to see what happens out there on Saturday."

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