Sheray Thomas Q & A

During the Derby Festival, BBN Media sat down with future Wildcat Sheray Thomas for an exclusive interview.

The poignant and personable Thomas spoke openly about his UK career aspirations and the excitement surrounding his arrival in Lexington.

BBN: The UK basketball team enjoyed a tremendous amount of success this season. Did that success reconfirm your decision to attend the University of Kentucky?

ST: Obviously after this year's success I was really proud of my decision, especially after they didn't lose for such a long time. It was clear to my friends and family that I made the right decision. I couldn't be happier with my decision.

BBN: Sheray you are originally from Montreal, Canada. UK fans still remember former Wildcat star Jamaal Magloire, who is also from Canada, as a physical inside presence. He also was a first round draft pick and current starter for the New Orleans Hornets. Can Kentucky fans expect similar contributions?

ST: If I had the same type of career as him that would be great. He was a great player here and I hope to also have a successful career. I want to make an immediate impact and then hopefully continue playing in the NBA just like Magloire.

BBN: The departure of Estill and Bogans will create a huge scoring void for Kentucky next season. Is that an area where you can step in an immediately have an impact?

ST: I'll do whatever I can to help us win next season. If I need to score then that's what I'll do. Shegari Alleyne will definitely provide an inside presence on the block. But those (Estill and Bogans) are huge shoes to fill, it will probably be more of a team effort.

BBN: For fans that haven't had the opportunity to see you play, what can they expect?

ST: I'm very athletic. I can play inside or outside. I'm also very active and enjoy up-tempo basketball. I expect to fit in nicely with UK's motion offense and pressure defense.

BBN: What current or past UK player does your game resemble?

ST: I don't really know. Maybe a Tayshaun Prince, but I'm a little bigger. I'm also more physical and enjoy going inside more than Prince. I don't shoot as well though. Hopefully I'll continue to improve in that area of my game.

BBN: What aspect of playing at UK are you most looking forward to?

ST: The tradition is crazy. The main reason why I chose UK was because of that tradition. I'm looking forward to everything; Rupp Arena, the fans, and the academics. UK excites me in general.

BBN: What type of impact do you hope to have next season?

ST: I want to have a big impact. I want to come in and push my teammates to the limit. I'd like to be a major contributor.

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