Keenan Burton Q & A

BBN Media recently sat down with Manual star and UK signee Keenan Burton to discuss his career expectations and his impressions of the new UK coaching staff.

BBN: You've had a couple of months to reflect on your decision to sign with UK. Was it the right choice and are you still excited?

KB: I think it was the right decision. I feel it was the best decision that I could have made. I like the new coaching staff, the new recruits, and the players that are already there. I feel like UK is a good fit for me.

BBN: You originally committed to UK under Coach Morriss. With the change of coaching staffs, did your commitment ever waver?

KB: Well, it actually did waver. When Coach Morriss left it really bothered me a lot. But when I got to meet Coach Brooks and the rest of the coaching staff I could tell that UK was still the right place for me.

BBN: What about Coach Brooks and his staff made you want to stay committed to Kentucky?

KB: I went to a couple practices during the spring, and I really enjoyed what they do during practice. I liked the structure of the practice and how demanding the coaching staff is of their players. Every player wants to learn, and the coaching staff at UK are excellent teachers.

BBN: In high school you played a variety of positions. What position do you want to play at UK?

KB: I would really love to play receiver, but I can also play quarterback. I think receiver is where the coaching staff believes I can help the team the most.

BBN: What are your expectations going into your first season at UK?

KB: I want to work as hard as I possibly can and do what the coaches tell me. Hopefully I can play my freshman year, but I know only a chosen few get to do that.

BBN: There are a couple opportunities for playing time at receiver next season. Obviously Derek Abney will be the go-to-guy, but do you hope you can step in and fill some of those holes?

KB: I hope I can. I hope I can work hard enough to get some playing time. I know they have a good core coming back and I hope I can learn from them. I just want to do whatever I can to be a quality backup, and hopefully get some playing time.

BBN: What aspects of your game do you need to improve on the most in order to contribute at UK?

KB: The main thing is that I need to get bigger and stronger. Mentally, I need to watch film and study. I feel like I'm a strong player, but I'm not where I need to be. I'll find out more when I go to UK in the fall.

BBN: Let's talk about the opening game against Louisville next season. You're from Louisville, how excited are you about beginning your college career against your hometown Cardinals?

KB: Hopefully, I get to play because I really, really want to play against Louisville. It will be like a dream come true. At first I wanted to go to Louisville but when I looked back at Coach (John L.) Smith I realized he didn't recruit many Louisville or Kentucky kids. And he didn't recruit me either. That really hurt me a lot. I'm just grateful that Coach Morris and Coach Brooks did recruit me and many other Kentucky kids. I'm really looking forward to playing against Louisville.

BBN: What can UK fans expect from Keenan Burton during his career at UK?

KB: They can expect everything that I got, every game.

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