Brian Brohm Q & A

BBN Media caught up with Brian Brohm after a recent Louisville Trinity baseball game.

BBN: Brian you're coming off back-to-back class AAAA state championships and a recent Sports Illustrated cover photo. How does it feel to come out and participate in baseball where there are a few less thousand fans?

Brohm: I just love playing the game of baseball. It's something I've always done and I'm just having a lot of fun.

BBN: As the football recruiting process starts to intensify, talk about your experience thus far.

Brohm: As far as recruiting goes I'm just looking around at every school and every opportunity. A lot of coaches are sending me mail and wanting me to come to their camp. I have a lot of offers right now, but I'm just going to wait and see.

BBN: As it helped you in the recruiting process to have had two older brothers already go through the process. Were you able to learn from their experiences?

Brohm: Yeah, they've been great. They've been through it and they can help me through the whole process. They give me excellent advice.

BBN: Would you like to play your college football in the state of Kentucky?

Brohm: Right now, I'm just looking to go to the school that gives me the best opportunity to get to the NFL.

BBN: Your brother has recently been hired as the QB coach at Louisville. Will that affect your decision?

Brohm: I know Jeff very well, so it would be great to play for him. But I still have to look at all my options. I have to find the best fit for me.

BBN: As far as UK goes, what are your thoughts on Rich Brooks and Ron Hudson (offensive coordinator)?

Brohm: I'll just have to wait and see how their offense looks in the fall when they start playing real games.

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