Calipari recruiting outside the box

When it comes to recruiting Kentucky coach John Calipari is using outside the box methods to conduct in home visits while he has been in South America.

During recent days Kentucky coach John Calipari has conducted in home visits. Unlike other head coaches conducting in home visits at this time Calipari has been conducting these in home visits from thousands of miles away, as he has been in South America coaching the Dominican Republic team in its attempt for Olympic qualification for the 2012 Olympics.

On at least two occasions Calipari has conducted an in home visit via phone while assistant Kenny Payne has been taking care of the visits by being in the recruits' homes live.

While Payne is conducting the in home visit in person he connects Calipari via speakerphone so that the Kentucky coach can take part in the visit.

I would think had a reliable internet connection been available Calipari would have been in those homes via video conference.

While many fans may wonder how well Kentucky can fare in an in home visit situation where Calipari appears via speakerphone when other head coaches are appearing live in those same living rooms. They need to consider a couple of factors.

First, while other coaches are outside the media spotlight Calipari has gotten media play for the extraordinary job he did with the Dominican team.

Second, having Kenny Payne conduct the in person portion of the visit is not going to hurt Kentucky. Payne has proven that he knows how to recruit.

Lastly, one should consider that more that one in home visit can be conducted with recruits. With three allowable in-person contacts allowed Calipari can visit with those players personally when he arrives back in the states, and still have a visit he can make should the players choose to wait until spring to sign.

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