Chuck Smith on Trevathan, Guy, Newton

Kentucky assistant Chuck Smith on Danny Trevathan, Winston Guy, Morgan Newton

Question: Have linebackers Danny Trevathan and Winston Guy played even better than you thought they would?

Smith: "Not really. I?knew they would be really good because they are good players. They had to get a feel and fit for the defense, and I?think they have both grasping it and improving every week. The more comfortable they feel with it, the more they are able to use their athletic talents and gifts. They are flying around and making plays.

Question: Is there still more they can do than what they already are?

Smith: "Yes. They are going to keep getting better. The more and more comfortable they become with the defensive schemes and their assignments, which they are now, but they are going to start picking up little things that will give them even a faster jump to make plays."

Question: Are they providing the leadership you expected?

Smith: "I think Danny has really is doing great. He was elected team captain by his teammates and it was a landslide. I think that has really given him a lot of self-confidence for lack of a better word. He is has really taken it and run with it. He knew the responsibility and was impressed with the way his teammates felt about him. He has just taken it and done a great job with it so far."

Question: Was the Morgan Newton that completed passes and made key runs the last 20 minutes against Central Michigan more like the Morgan Newton you recruited out of high school?

Smith: "Yes. Morgan is going to be really good. I am not on the offensive side now, but I?know the guy I recruited was a guy that could make plays, was very intelligent and had the arm. We are going to see a lot more out of him."

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