Q&A with DJ Warren

Question: Are we going to get a chance to see you actually touch the football? Warren: "I don't know. Fullbacks, we don't get the ball a lot."

Question: How much influence did it have on you that former Alcoa players Kyrus Lanxter, Randall Cobb and Tyler Robinson all came to Kentucky before you?

Warren: "It actually played a little role in it. I had my mind set to go to Tennessee-Chattanooga, but I?had a chance to come here and be with guys I know like Tyler, who I am really close with. That is something makes me feel even more comfortable just being here. That did play a little part in my decision on being at UK."

Question: Did Randall Cobb tout you so highly because he's your cousin or he just knew you were that good?

Warren: "He knows my work ethic and that I?am a hard worker who takes pride in everything that I?do. I wanted to bring all that to UK and hopefully do something. The coaches believe in me and granted me the opportunity and at least try to do some things for the team. I know it takes a lot to put a freshman out there and put him in the mix, but they have faith in me and I?am very glad about that."

Question: What is it about Alcoa players that makes ready to play immediately in college? Warren: "We just come from a school of hard work. Our coaches prepare us well for the college level. It's just something that happens. We all worked hard. Our coaches get us ready for the college level. Our practices in high school are similar to what we have here, so that definitely helps."

Question: Have you always been a tough guy since you play linebacker, defensive end, fullback?

Warren: "I am just the type of guy that wherever you put me, I am going to try and play to the best of my ability and be the best player I?can be. They count on me. We all count on each other. I want to be that guy people can turn to and know they can count on me. I take pride in that and work as hard as I?possibly can to be the best player I?can be."

Question: Is it okay to be known as Randall Cobb's cousin?

Warren: "I?mean it doesn't matter. I?never really pay attention to it, but a lot of people know. It's whatever."

Question: Did you compete against him growing up or was he too much older for that?

Warren: "Him and my sister are very close. We would hang around at school or the neighborhood. His senior year in high school I?got to play with him when I was a freshman and that was a great experience. I just played off his vibe to the game and it was just an awesome feeling."

Question: Is he regarded like a hero back in Alcoa?

Warren: "With the type of guy that he is, he has to be a role model and hero to people. A lot of people look up to him back home. That's how it is with everybody from Alcoa, including Tyler and me. Every time we go back home, we get a lot of love from the community. Alcoa football is really a big deal."

Question: Is it hard to explain just what Alcoa football means in your community?

Warren: "There are no words to explain it. You would have to go to a game to understand it."

Question: Does that put pressure on you here to do well or motivate you knowing all those folks back home are watching what you do?

Warren: "That just motivates me knowing I?have a lot of people supporting me. It just pushes me and makes me work even harder. I don't want to let anybody down. I?don't want to let myself down. That is why I am constantly working hard and being the best player I can be on the field and off the field and setting a good example for people. That is making me a better person overall."

Question: Are we going to get a chance to see you actually touch the football?

Warren: "I don't know. Fullbacks, we don't get the ball a lot. I don't expect to get the ball. My job as fullback is to block, block, block. I?am trying to block and make holes for the tailbacks or for anybody who has the ball. I am not really worried about getting the ball. If I do, I will try to do something with it and make the best out of it. But my main job is blocking. I have to get that down pat before I?can even think about touching the ball."

Question: Would you like to maybe be the next John Conner, a great fullback here who now plays for the New York Jets?

Warren: "A lot of people actually called me that and said I?look like him and everything. But I don't think I do that name any justice. I?have not done anything spectacular yet. John Conner is such an amazing fullback and I?enjoy watching him. I wish I could play like him. That is why I?am working so hard. I wish I could just lay people out like he did. It just takes time and hard work. I?am still getting my blocking technique down. John Conner is definitely one of my favorites."

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