Recruit's mother discusses Friday visit

Calipari will visit Perry Ellis Friday night. Larry Vaught sought out the thoughts his mother, Fonda, in a Q&A session.

Kentucky coach John Calipari will visit Perry Ellis Friday night. Here are some thoughts his mother, Fonda, shared.

Question: Have you learned other things from in-home visits that will help your family when Kentucky coach John Calipari makes his in-home visit, the last one your son will have?

Fonda Ellis: The good thing is this is not totally a new experience for us we went thru in-home visits with our daughter Savannah. But with her it wasn?t as high profile, we didn't have big time head coaches with one or two assistants also attending and they didn't stay over 2 hours. So it certainly is different. KU and WSU both stayed 2 ½ hours KSU stayed 3 ½ hours. I have learned that it is best to stay relaxed and make this an enjoyable process. This time in Perry's life he will not do this process over again so we want to make this a positive and unforgettable experience for our whole family. After the meeting I enjoy serving some Hors d'oeuvre and desserts and just getting to know the coaches better."

Question: Are there any specific things you want to ask Calipari about Friday night?

Fonda Ellis: "We are asking all the coaches about the same questions here are few of them: we want to know about housing, academics, how the team travels and deals with missing classes, what are the freshman rules, Perry's position on the court and areas where coaches think Perry needs to improve."

Question: What kind of things impresses Perry during the in-home visits and does he have anything specific he looks for?

Fonda Ellis: "Perry is mainly just listening to everything the coaches have to share. He wants to know how he would fit into their program and how comfortable he will feel. I think he likes to hear about all the History and watch the videos and but most importantly hear what Coaches have to say."

Question: How nerve-racking as a mom is it to have all these big-time coaches coming to your house and having to somewhat entertain them for two or three hours?

Fonda Ellis: "Well believe it or not the time does go by rather fast. I think it is more nerve racking for me as a mom getting the house ready for the visit. Once the visit is happening I am fine. Then when the visit is over it is hard for me to stop thinking about all the powerful things they shared with us. I have enjoyed this part of the process we had three in-home visits now completed with just one left with Coach Calipari. I will also be thankful to go on to the next step as our family along with his coaches all sit down together after Friday and discuss all the great options he does have and re-evaluate. We will let Perry make the decision about taking official visits or not."

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