Jacob Tamme Q & A

BBN Media recently visited with Boyle County star and UK signee Jacob Tamme. Tamme discussed his thoughts on the new coaching staff, his fellow recruits, and the expectations that accompany his arrival in Lexington.

BBN: Jacob you had a turbulent recruiting experience, most of which centered around your on again, off again relationship with UK. After having a couple months to ponder your decision, are you still pleased with the way things turned out?

JT: Oh yeah, I'm really pleased that my relationship with UK is back on. I was really lucky that the coaching change took place at the right time, as far as my recruitment went. Coach Morris made a decision and then when he left Coach Brooks and his staff gave me another chance. The whole recruiting process was unbelievable. I was incredibly lucky to go through it. It was a lot of fun and extremely stressful also. I'm glad it ended up the way it did.

BBN: Being a lifelong UK fan, express what that means to be able to fulfill a dream and wear the Blue & White?

JT: It's hard to explain. UK sports mean a lot to kids from Kentucky. Growing up I was obsessed with it, even more so than most kids. As I got older, I started to appreciate other schools. But during the recruiting experience I always came back to Kentucky and getting to wear the blue and white. I got that opportunity and I'm very appreciative.

BBN: Jacob you had the opportunity to play several positions in high school. Which position do you see yourself playing at UK?

JT: The coaches are planning to start me out at wide receiver. I don't really care, I just like the game and I'm happy to be playing at Kentucky. Football is fun, regardless of what position you play. Each side of the ball has its benefits. I can play wide receiver, free safety, tight end, strong safety, or outside linebacker. I'll play wherever the coaches believe I can help the team win.

BBN: How do you see yourself fitting in with Coach Hudson's offense at UK?

JT: I've only watched them practice a couple of times this spring. But from what I've seen it looks like he's going to throw the ball downfield. In that type of offense, I can use my height and go over cornerbacks to make plays.

BBN: What aspects of your game do you need to improve on in order to be able to compete in the SEC?

JT: The SEC is the most competitive conference in the country. I need to get bigger, faster, and stronger. I've got to work on my speed and footwork. Playing 3 sports in high school, didn't allow me to concentrate only on football. I'm going to get better by just devoting more time to the game.

BBN: What can UK fans expect from Jacob Tamme when he puts on the UK Blue & White?

JT: Kentucky's going to get everything I got. When the game's on the line, I want to be the player that steps up and makes the big play.

BBN: What are your thoughts on Coach Brooks and his staff as a whole?

JT: The staff Coach Brooks has put together is pretty incredible. They have more experience than any staff I visited with during recruiting. They have coaches with college championship experience and Super Bowl rings. Coach Brooks did an excellent job putting that staff together. I'm really excited. I think bright days are ahead.

BBN: What has been your experience with the other recruits?

JT: I've only had the opportunity to meet a couple of them. I've talked with a few of them at practice. Their all great kids and obviously great football players. I think we're going to work together well.

BBN: As you begin your college career in the fall, what are your personal expectations?

JT: I want to become the big play wide receiver that makes the big plays when we need them. If the games on the line or we need a big catch – I want to be that type of player.

BBN: Jacob you are also one of the top baseball players in the state. How does baseball fit into your plans at UK?

JT: Right now, I'm planning on playing baseball at UK. Obviously Coach Madison resigning could affect that plan. Hopefully, I'll be able to play though.

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