Joker on changing tempo

On Saturday during Kentucky's loss to Louisville the Wildcats played their best when the abandoned the huddle and increased tempo. Joker Phillips spoke about changing the tempo of the game to increase his team's opportunities to put points on the board.

Kentucky's Joker Phillips said, "We've got to play faster. Looked like we played a little faster when we went into a two minute mode. Not sure we'll go that fast, but we'll try to do some no huddling. If you can remember, when we were a big no huddle team, we'd burn up the clock. Our time of possession was a lot more than the opponents had. I think because at times you take your time, you get up there, see what's going on, then there's time you have to play faster in the two minute mode.

"We got to mix it up in the type of tempos we do play because I think it does give us an advantage. Obviously it did last Saturday. We got to try to find a tempo that fits us."

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