Realignment has schools scrambling

When I ponder the outcome of conference realignment I don't consider the destinations of schools as much as I ponder the ultimate impact on the BCS and NCAA tournament. Both major collegiate championships could become exclusive to the superconferences that will be the major power brokers in college athletics.

The Pac 10, now Pac 12, and Big Ten (the league with 12 teams) started the current realignment scramble to kick off last spring. All of the realignment talk seemed to have settled down latter when the Big 12 caved into the demands of Texas to have their own television network.

Apparently this did not sit well with the other Big 12 teams after mulling the situation over, and have sought or are seeking new digs to call home. Texas A&M will become part of the SEC. Other league members are in search of new homes, with a rumored quartet heading to the Pac 12.

The Big 12 is on the verge of going under; barring striking a merger deal with the Big East. That marriage will undoubtedly leave many scratching their heads over such a geographically disjointed union.

The Big East suffered a tremendous body blow of its own over the weekend as founding member Syracuse and Pittsburgh have been accepted by the ACC to be that league's newest converts.

Looking at it from the outside it appears we are headed toward a four league super power that will likely control college football. The quartet of superconferences to be appear to be the SEC, ACC, Big 10 and Pac 12. It would come as no surprise to see all four leagues reach the 16 school mark in the coming months.

What will all this movement mean for the future of college football? It will mean that the BCS will likely cease to exist and the four superconferences will form an alliance that will control the bowl system.

With all of the NCAA blunders of the last year one might ponder the future of the NCAA. The superconferences will certainly be in a position to break away from the NCAA and control both football and high major division one basketball.

There is big money in major college sports and those conferences will likely find themselves in position to control the purse strings.

What about those schools that don't become one of the chosen members of one of the superconferences?

I can see them continuing as members of NCAA leagues, but being shut out of the bowls and being shut out of the major basketball tournament that will determine the recognized champion in basketball.

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