Vaught: Q&A with Tee Martin, Part 3

Part three of Larry Vaught's one-on-one interview with Kentucky assistant Tee Martin.

Part three of Larry Vaught's interview with Kentucky assistant Tee Martin.

Question: How has Robinson, a freshman, been since his drop that could have put UK?in position to tie or win the game?

Martin: "That's the one thing you don't have to worry about with DeMarco. He's not fragile mentally. He's a big-time mentality. I told him I liked what he was trying to do but he has to take care of the ball. He was trying to go score, make a play. A young guy, you can't take his teeth from him and tell him to go bite. You have to continue to encourage him. You make that play this week. Catch the ball, secure it and move on. He understood his mistake. The only way you find out what he can do is let him do it. As a true freshman, we are putting a lot on him."

Question: Is that resolve one reason you like Robinson's potential so much?

Martin: "He wants to play and help us take it to the next level. He could have gone to Georgia. He could have gone to Clemson. He could have gone to TCU. He could have gone a lot of places and he came here because he felt the opportunity to help us take it to the next level and hopefully we can continue to develop him into being that type of player."

Question: How does a quarterback keep his confidence when he's being sacked, receivers have dropped balls and he has missed some open throws himself?

Martin: "I have been there through all of them. My first year, the year we won the national championship, my first year I could not hit the side of a barn. I couldn't throw the ball to anybody. I got hit. The Florida game, it was just a ridiculous amount of times. Morgan and I talk about it. I told him just compete and take his mind off the last play and put it on the next play. Don't worry about who did what. Just focus on your job. I told him to go look at my stats from my first year as a starter. They were terrible. I had a couple of games where I didn't throw for 100 yards. But each Saturday I focused on being the best I could be at my position. At the end of the day, it is not about your stats or what is said about you. It is did you get the W or not. That's what matters at the end of the day."

Question: Since you beat Florida as a player, can you help inspire the team this week against Florida?

Martin: "What happened when we beat them is that we decided we were going to beat them. It wasn't that (coach) Phillip (Fulmer) came in there and had his shirt off and beat his chest saying we had to do something. All we did was execute and do what was asked of us. We went into the game with confidence, made plays. It was ugly. It was not like we killed them. When the plays came, we made them. They made some mistakes, we did. We win in overtime. That's the attitude these guys have to take. They have to want to win and believe they can win."

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