Former Cat discusses Darius Miller

Former Wildcat Mark Krebs says Darius Miller "is very underrated"

He no longer plays for Kentucky, but former Wildcat Mark Krebs says one thing has not changed since he last played — senior Darius Miller still remains underrated.

"I think he is very underrated. Then again, his seasons have always been a lot of hype — and he's a great player — but there has been so much hype for him to follow through on and show everybody what I see in practice or what I see in all the pickup games," said Krebs.

And what has he seen from Miller?

"This guy is so athletic, this guy is so controlled athletically. He can jump stop and never charge. He can go up so strong and dunk almost like a big man, but he plays almost like a guard," Krebs said. "I want to see that versatility like we saw sometimes last year where he would make a jump shot and give him the ball again and he would go to the basket and give him the ball again and he would do something different.

"He needs to have those strings of plays and sequences more regularly and that is where people will be floored. He is going to be that senior leader and they are going to need him because they are so young, but talented. He is going to play a vital role for this team."

Kentucky coach John Calipari insists Miller could be a future first round draft pick. Krebs totally agrees and says that is not Calipari hype.

"He does have that type of ability. There is no doubt about that," Krebe said. "Darius Miller has the body, the physicality, he's big enough to play almost on the block sometimes but strong enough and skilled enough with the ball to be a great guard. Even when coach (Billy) Gillispie was here he tried to play point guard every once in a while.

"It floors me he is so big. It's not his athleticism that is so overpowering because you won't see him dunk too many, but it is the way he is so controlled athletically. Going to the basket, jump stop, then go up and dunk it. Instead of being out of control, he's very under control. That is a key to his success. Then shooting the ball — you want to say be consistent, but he is that. He just needs to be even more consistent and he'll have a year unlike any other."

Krebs says not to worry about Miller providing all the leadership the team needs, either.

"He is a pretty soft-spoken guy and doesn't talk too much like that, but I?think he has it in him to be a great leader," Krebs said. "In spurts, I have seen him come out and say things. He needs to do that from the start. He needs to be doing that now and then he will be running some things where Coach (Calipari) doesn't even know he's doing it. He has that in him. There's no doubt in my mind about that."

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