Then there were four....

Alex Poythress has trimmed his list to four schools. Who made the cut, who is on the outside looking in?

Evan Daniels reported today that Alex Poythress has narrowed his list to a quartet of schools.

Poythress told Daniels, "I narrowed my list down to four. Just Kentucky, Florida Vanderbilt and Memphis."

Notably absent from the list was Duke. Duke made a late push for Poythress, a push that included a potential secondary violation of NCAA rules by Duke's coach, Mike Krzyzewski. The potential violation occurred when Krzyzewski spoke on the phone with Poythress between two AAU events that were played in the same venue. NCAA rules require that coaches not speak with recruits once they arrive at a venue until their play at the venue is completed.

It is unlikely the incident played a role in the elimination of Duke. Typically when secondary violations occur a school immediately declares the recruit ineligible at the institution, then appeals for a reinstatement of eligibility. The granting of the appeal for the reinstatement of a player's eligibility is usually granted immediately by the NCAA.

Poythress has scheduled four official visits. His visit to Vandy was scheduled for the weekend of September 10th. He is scheduled to visit Florida next weekend.

Poythress plans to be in Lexington for Big Blue Madness on October 14th. His final visit is planned for the weekend of October 22nd, when he is scheduled to visit Memphis.

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