KSR Football Game Playing, Free for All

Think you have what it takes to beat Doc and his odds? Doc makes his own lines weekly, and challenges you to "Beat the Odds." Or maybe you'd prefer to analyze, study, and determine that one, single underdog that will shock the college football world and not just beat the odds, but be an "Oledon Stupid Underdog Pick." Both games are easy to play, and free for all. Read more about Doc's BTO here.

Doc's Beat the Odds--or "BTO," as we like to call it--has been around for years. Each week Ron Ball, aka "Doc," looks through the college football slate, and chooses five games. Doc creates the lines--often better, and closer than the boys in Vegas, making it very difficult to choose a side. Your task is to determine the side that will "win" the game--including the points (plus points, if they are the "underdog," or minus points, if they are the favorite.)

The game has some twists, including the "ten foot pole," and the "double shock." Any game, other than a game involving Kentucky, can be "ten foot poled" in an individual week, meaning that game can be skipped. If a game is skipped, it means one game must count double, or "double shock" the game. Since this is a Kentucky site, it doesn't seem right to skip the Kentucky game, so he does not allow a ten foot pole for that game.

There is a weekly tiebreaker for weekly winner honors, but all year Doc accumulates the wins and losses for each player, and at the end of the season, declares an overall KSR Doc's Beat the Odds champion. It's difficult to win with so many good players, but it's fun to be challenged. Come join us on the Football Forum and see.

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