Oledon's Stupid Underdog Picks Game

Do you ever sit back and watch a big upset during the college football weekend and think, "yeah, I knew that was coming?" If you do, and you're not playing Oledon's Stupid Underdog Picks game, you're cheating yourself. Read more about the fun, free, but addicting game played weekly at Kentucky Sports Report.

You've already read about Doc's Beat the Odds (BTO) game. Oledon's Stupid Underdog Picks, or "What SUP?," invites you to pick one game from the entire slate of college football games, and predict an upset each week.

The game is simple. Each week, we place a slate of college football games, including the lines or "odds," for the contests. Your task is to choose a team on the "underdog" side of the lines, and predict which one single team will not just beat the spread, but actually win the game outright--i.e., be a stupid underdog pick. If you are successful, then you will be awarded the number of points by which they are an underdog as your total for the week...big risk in picking a big underdog, but a big reward if they win.

Each week we will determine which stupid underdog picks won, and keep a running tally for the season of your total points, for overall SUP champion, as well as how many stupid underdog picks you correctly selected. Come join us on the KSR free Football Forum to play Oledon's Stupid Underdog Picks, as well as Doc's Beat the Odds. You will be glad you did.

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