Oledon's Stupid Underdog Picks Standings

Best pick of the week last week? Longtime player HangTime2's selection of Temple over Maryland, which netted him 9 big SUP points. Kingcat remains on top this season, though. Peek inside and see who the leaders are.

With a huge week this week with a near double-digit dog correctly selected, HangTime2 burst into the top 10, but still trails KSR moderator Kingcat's 18 points, as does all the KSR players. Kingcat has managed 3 out of 4 weeks with a correct stupid underdog pick, a remarkable accomplishment.

Here are the standings.

Kingcat 18
WestKnoxCat 14.5
blueboss 14
best1978 13
CatinIL 13
LePaige 13
maroon14ukneku 13
ReprisalCat 11.5
HangTime2 9
MTcatfan 8
abud4me 6.5
Bluetothebone 6.5
CatFansince73 6.5
catnipblue 6.5
DarrellKSR 6.5
Doc 6.5
lfbj00 6.5
SalsaKat 6.5
stinger11723 6.5
WKMMradio 6.5
fastkat 5
bigronhahn1011 4
hightopcleats 4
Scout714 4

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