Madness key to landing bigs in blue Part 4

Part three of a series focusing on 2012 front court players visiting for Big Blue Madness. Center Dajuan Coleman is featured in this installment.

Big Blue Madness could be a huge factor in getting John Calipari's front court targets into Kentucky uniforms.

Indications have been given over the past several weeks that Kentucky fans attending Big Blue Madness may see a number of front court targets in attendance.

This is the fourth in a series of articles on front court players who have been reportedly plan to attend Big Blue Madness.

Up to bat in this installment is Scout's 11th ranked player, five star center Dajuan Coleman. Scout tanks him the sixth center in the class.

Coleman is built in the mold of some recent centers, such as Jared Sullinger, who have experienced success as freshmen in division 1 basketball, he is a 6-8 280 pound strongman.

With the large number of one and done players that seem to impact big men the most the "man child" type of player is able to over taller players with less strength.'s profile of Coleman states that Coleman is, "A true low post prospect, Coleman, at 6-foot-8, 280-pounds, is one of the strongest players in all of high school basketball. He finishes well in the paint and doesn't mind a little contact along the way. He locks up his area rebounding wise and isn't afraid to go outside of it to reel in boards. Coleman has a great set of hands, soft touch around the basket and can get a bucket if he gets it on the block."

Coleman's final three are Kentucky, Syracuse and Ohio State. Coleman lives in DeWitt, New York, making Syracuse the home team in this battle.

Coleman has stated he wants to make official visits to all three schools before making a decision. Coleman's scheduled visit to Ohio State was for the weekend of September 23rd. He has not scheduled an official visit to nearby Syracuse.

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